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Better To Gift Than To Receive


Virtual meetings and Zoom calls are mentally tiring and physically draining. How can we make these more engaging for our participants? Can we think of ways to solve this problem internally for our company and then use those same solutions when helping run a virtual event for clients and customers?

Here’s an idea to help spice up your virtual meeting platforms: virtual gifts.

There are countless ways to give virtually. These can range from eGift Cards, to an eBook, to a streaming subscription, to virtual gym memberships. These methods will entice your viewers/attendees/employees to come to the event or meeting with motivation.

Digital gift cards are one of the easiest ways to give a reward virtually. These gift cards could be for just about anything, as long as it’s appropriate. Some popular choices include Amazon, iTunes, and Visa gift cards. Even if the amount on the card is small, it will show your people that you value their time and appreciate them being with you for the call.

An eBook is a great addition to an event marketing strategy because of the halo effect it offers after the event is over. eBooks focused on a specific topic will give readers a more in-depth explanation of the information.

While we are still hyper focused on digital resources for both business and pleasure, streaming service subscriptions are a great option to give to people. Streaming services are easy to use and were one of the only sources of entertainment many people had at the beginning of the pandemic. Your audience will appreciate receiving a monthly subscription to a service such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV or HBO.

Gyms have since reopened, but maybe your audience is still hesitant to be in that kind of environment with the virus still around. You could gift them a virtual gym membership! There are a range of apps available to deliver remote workouts from home. For example, Plankk Studio offers a multitude of live and on-demand workouts. With a membership, users can personalize their experience by talking with the instructors.

There are plenty of options out there for you to explore and discover what is best for your specific event. During this strange time, it is important to remember to be creative about your gift giving. You want to align the gift with your event’s purpose and your audience’s interests. You should also think about how after more than a year of the pandemic, people are getting restless with the limited activities they are able to do. This is why gifting something that can be used as entertainment is sure to be appreciated. Lastly, take the time to make your gifts personal so that they come from the heart.

Showing you care will go a long ways in pleasing your employees and/or attendees. Happy Giving!

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