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Meeting customer expectations isn't a bad thing, per se. In fact, you could call it table stakes.

But in today's customer centric marketing world, meeting customer expectations simply isn't enough. It isn't noteworthy. With nearly 20% of all purchases the result of word-of-mouth, it's important to exceed expectations. In other words, make the customer experience so extraordinary that your customers are compelled to talk about it.

One of the Bs recently ordered a pair of Skechers for his mom. Like so many of us these days, he made the purchase online. Within a week, he received a truly remarkable — as in, worth remarking about, as in brilliantly generating word-of-mouth — package.

The first thing seen when the package was opened was a "Thank You" card. Marketers sometimes forget that customers like to be thanked, often and sincerely.

This was followed by a free cloth tote bag for the shoes, a nice, relevant, and practical gift item.

This was followed by a Skechers branded PPE mask, probably the single most timely give-away any brand is giving away right now. (In fact, we blogged about it just last month:

Next, was  a magazine-sized catalogue of products — smart; they said "Thank you" and gave you two free gifts. You're in just the right mood to make additional purchases.

Finally, the shoebox itself was visible. But, just to the side of it were two last items: a Skechers branded deck of playing cards, and a branded smart-phone stand. (Note: this particular item may or may not have made it to the aforementioned mom of the B.)

Then, just when you think you’ve gotten to your new shoes, the item you actually ordered, you find another postcard and a sticker, promoting related Skechers products inside the shoebox.

Wonderful presentation. Skechers really put their best foot forward — and there's word-of-mouth to prove it!

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