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Traditionally we think of marketing as either B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business). And, traditionally, as direct marketers we send B2C to people at home and B2B to people at their office or other place of business.

Promotional or “premium” items have always been a favorite — and very responsive — tool for us, especially when the budget allows us to give them away for free. (We call them “freemiums.”) They help our direct marketing stand out from other, ordinary mail. And they help us buy “real estate” in B2C prospects’ homes (think refrigerator magnets) or B2B prospects’ offices (think desk toys). Personalized items — if you have confidence in your list — are particularly effective. After all, who wouldn’t hang a movie poster in their cubicle, starring … them?

BUT, since March 2020, millions of potential customers have been conducting business from home. This creates a potentially challenging scenario. How do we categorize what we are sending them?

Think of them as a new category: B2R or business-to-remote worker.

If you want to grab the attention of today’s B2B-at-home audience and stay top-of-mind, try sending a promotional item that’s perfectly suited to their new — virtual — workspace.

Here are a few ideas that are well-suited for those who are still working remotely from home:

  1. Accessories for their at-home-workstation
    These could be charging cables, mouse pads, or laptop camera slides. Consider creating a cover slide or mouse pad with your company’s logo on it.

  2. A stress reduction care package
    This could be as elaborate as necessary, but even just a small package could be helpful for those working from home. Things to include could be essential oils, mini candles, tea or even a subscription to a mediation app.

  3. Office supplies
    Think about the supply closets businesses have available in the office. Did your house come with one of those? Probably not, which is why sending remote workers things like envelopes, pre-printed address labels, post-it notes, and notepads could be very beneficial.

  4. Custom printed mugs or tumblers
    These are perfect for your target audience to enjoy while working at home. Making a cup of coffee and having it while working will give them a chance to be reminded of your brand.

Whatever you choose to send remote workers, make it creative to stand out from the rest of the B2C, B2B, and now B2R mail they’re receiving.

Happy mailing!

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