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B2B Data Gets the Respect it Deserves


At B Direct, we believe in data. As direct marketers, we see the enormous value in knowing who, where, when, and how. Our goal, no matter what project we're working on, is to make people take action. And the more data we have access to, and the better that data is, the easier it is to achieve that goal.

Dun & Bradstreet, an important client of ours, recently published its Seventh Annual B2B Sales and Marketing Data Report.

D&B surveyed 500 B2B sales and marketing professionals across the U.S., U.K., and Canada. The results were a mix of good news and missed opportunity.

First, the good news ...

Sales and marketing teams finally seem to recognize the importance of data quality. And, not just recognize it, but invest in it. 73% — nearly three-quarters — of those surveyed have increased their investment. Virtually everyone recognizes data quality's value. When asked how important data quality is ...

94% said it's important for company effectiveness
93% said it's important for sales or marketing effectiveness
93% said it's important for their team's effectiveness
92% said it's important for campaign targeting

In this case, perception is definitely reality. Organizations that are investing in data quality are seeing positive results. Of those that increased their investment:

100% saw overall performance gains
94% said that their sales and marketing performance improved

Meanwhile, for the minority of companies surveyed that decreased their investment:

100% saw no improvement in sales and marketing performance
75% saw a decline in sales and marketing performance
35% saw a decline in overall performance

That's the good news (well, not so good for those who decreased their investment — but good overall for champions of quality data). The report also uncovered four areas of missed opportunity. Those surveyed were asked to rank activities that improved data quality would positively impact. Numbers were surprisingly low for four emerging strategies:

4% for whitespace identification
7% for aligning online and offline activities
7% for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
7% for relevant, meaningful personalization

The take-away? With so many sales and marketing teams embracing the value of quality data, it's time to take that data to the next level for better results and competitive advantage.

To learn more, and download the entire report, visit




Data is very much in the news right now — unfortunately, it's not marketing data but statistics and analytics from the WHO, the CDC, individual states, local and federal governments. Epidemiologists are trying to make informed, science-based recommendations based on numbers of infections, hospitalizations, deaths, and recoveries.

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