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Preferences for shopping experiences vary from person to person. Some prefer in-person shopping to physically interact with the goods they are purchasing before placing them in their shopping cart.

Others enjoy browsing the inventory from the comfort of their living room and virtually placing each chosen item in a digital shopping cart.

Regardless of your personal preferences, we can all agree that the lockdowns of 2020 severely limited the in-person shopping options. With online shopping as being a last resort for some, let’s look into why this might be.

It’s common for many people to be hesitant to buy online due to the fear of their information being compromised. The concern over whether a website is a trustworthy shopping outlet to input credit card information is very real. Consumers need to feel they can trust a website with their personal data and information in order to feel at ease shopping there.

It’s also natural for people to distrust online shopping retailors because of privacy concerns. That’s why it’s the individual business’s responsibility to earn their consumers’ trust.

To do so, businesses need to show accountability and be transparent with their data collection process. Having a clear and easily accessible privacy policy is also a good idea.

More detailed suggestions include creating a reliable and secure checkout in the website. By using recognizable checkout options such as McAfee, TrustE, or COMODO, customers can feel safer about the online store’s legitimacy. These options also provide the store with a graphic badge to display on the website to show that the store is a secure place to online shop. It’s been proven that the use of these badges helps a customer build trust with businesses.

Another recommendation is to allow customers the option of paying with PayPal. PayPal is well known and respected for online purchasing. PayPal’s secure and encrypted website promises to keep data and information safe. Their Purchase Protection Program will even make a reimbursement if the situation calls for it (and the dispute meet the criteria).

Fortunately for our readers who would still rather shop in-person than use their credit card online, stores in many places are continuing to reopen to the public with fewer and fewer restrictions. Happy shopping!

(Btw, if you haven’t already, make a plan to get your COVID vaccine to keep yourself, and those around you, safe from the coronavirus.)

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