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A Holiday Love Letter to the USPS


Dear United States Postal Service,

This is something you often deliver, but rarely receive. A love letter.

Last night we watched "Miracle on 34th Street." Not one of those newer made-for-TV adaptations (yuck), but the real deal: 1947, black and white, with the elegant Maureen O'Hara, adorable if precocious Natalie Wood, dashing John Payne, and the only Santa Claus we'll ever truly believe in: Edmund Gwenn. Did you know they filmed the parade scenes at the actual parade? (Need to reshoot? Too bad!) Did you know Payne was so smitten by the film that he wrote and wanted to produce a sequel? That O'Hara, Payne, and Gwenn hung out together after each day's filming ended? Or that Wood, just eight years old at the time, thought Gwenn really was Mr. Claus?

Ah, those were the days. But, we digress.

"Miracle on 34th Street" is probably required watching for new postal employees, so we're sure you already know the organization that saves the day when the State of New York threatens to lock Santa away ...

That's right, the USPS.

Thank you.

However, as direct marketers, we appreciate you all year long. You help our clients achieve their business goals by delivering direct mail campaigns at a price that may have increased over the years, but is still a bargain compared to some other marketing options — like print ads or television.

Even for consumers, being able to send a card or letter to a friend three thousand miles away for 55¢? You can't even get a Snickers bar for that anymore.

And talk about productivity! On average, you process 20.2 million mail pieces every hour, 336,649 every minute and 5,611 every second. And, lest your detractors think you're stuck in an analog world, you've become a major player in digital delivery, sending more than 3.5 million emails a day to more than 222,000 accounts.

And, you're continually adding services to help our clients market better, faster, and smarter. Like Informed Delivery, Every Door Direct Mail, Share Mail, and Irresistible Mail, leveraging exciting new technologies like augmented reality.

Bottom line: you ain't your father's postal service.

And, of course, there's the holidays. This year, it's estimated that your dedicated mail carriers (one of whom goes out of her way to bring the Queen B's dachshund tiny treats) will deliver 800 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Year's. That's 20.5 million packages per day. Wow.


Here at B Direct, we love you. And, we believe in you.

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