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For a direct marketing agency, we've designed quite a lot of logos. The process is a mix of the aesthetic and the practical. In other words, we think about applications from day one.

We know firsthand, how hard it is to reduce the size of an overcomplicated logo, or to watch a dynamic colorful logo turn into a muddy blur when it needs to be printed in black.

Here are some good ABCs for logo design:

A. Start with way too many ideas. These can be loose sketches or digital renderings. More is more at the beginnning of a logo project. You'll have time to fine-tune later once you've narrowed down the options.

B. Think through the different ways your logo will be used. Make sure it looks as good on a business card as it does on a billboard.

C. Come up with creative ways to use color, but make sure the logo works in a single color or just in black on white.

D. Make sure the typeface you select is (a) readable and (b) right for your company or brand. Every typeface has its own personality or tone of voice.

E. Speaking of personality, theentire logo should evoke the personality of the brand. Is it serious enough? Whimsical enough? Mature enough? Young enough? You miight try generating a list of descriptive words prior to sitting down and designing.

F. Try to achieve a balance between the familiar or expected and the new or unexpected. This helps viewers put the logo in an appropriate category wile also taking special note of it. Here are some of our favorite logos: The children's cable network, Nickelodeon, uses common typography and a distinctive color to turn any shape into a logo.

FedEx's bold, recognizable logo includes a hidden arrow in the negative space betwen the E and the X, subliminally reminding usthat they are always moving your packages forward. Similarly, Baskin Robbins has woven their 31 flavors into the upper case B and R of their name.

Amazon makes a promise that you'll be happy by adding a cartoon smile under the typography.

It isn't très difficile to see the cyclist in the distinctive logo for the Tour de France.

And, finally, the old Formula 1 logo (which they retired last year), did a great job depicting the speed of the sport.

Your brand may be a bit smaller than these, but it's still important that your logo is fully functional and professional-looking. Let us know if we can help evolve your current mark or come up with something altogether new.

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