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Blogs: Writing for Non-Writers


Some of our clients have very sophisticated content marketing programs. Others need ... well ... a little more convincing.

"But, I'm not a writer," is what we hear most often. Followed soon thereafter by "But, I don't have time."

Starting a blog is easy. Sadly, letting it lapse is easy too.

And, the key to any business blog's success is consistency.

Fortunately, there are no steadfast rules for blogs. There's no minimum wordcount or stylistic structure that has to be observed. A blog isn't like a term paper or an essay for English 101.

The word "blog" is short for "Web log." It can be bullet points, an image with a quick caption, or pretty much anythng you can imagine.

Here's an entire alphabet's worth of quick and easy ways to generate regular content for your blog:

A. Offer tips and tools that your customers will find useful

B. Repost someone else's story (get their permission first and be sure to give credit)

C. Create a list of your favorite industry websites

D. Distribute a customer case study (that you've already written)

E. Profile one of your employees

F. Profile one of your customers

G. Profile one of your vendors

H. List FAQs, with questions you hear most often from prospective customers

I. Repost a popular post from the year before

J. Write about a business success story

K. Write about a business ... um ... nightmare

L. Keep a diary at an industry event

M. Ask your team to identify their business heroes or mentors

N. Research a company you admire and summarize their road to success

O. Post pictures of your offices, position the post as a guided tour

P. List current business books (look on Amazon for inspiration)

Q. Create a survey and encourage readers to respond (then publish the results as a second post — BONUS!)

R. Highlight a particular product or service

S. List your favorite business-centric or motivational quotes

T. Get inspired by a current holiday or season

U. Use an infographic to relay a process or system

V. Post a cartoon (license "marketoons" here: )

W. Link your post to "How To" videos on YouTube

X. Predict where your industry is going in the coming year(s)

Y. Use humor — try coming up with movie or book title spoofs that relate to your business (for a cable company, the Queen B once penned the musical, "Installer on the Roof")

Z. Write about how difficult it is to figure out what to write

Trust us, with that last one, your readers will relate.

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