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Here in the Boston area, there used to be a chain of odd lot stores called Building 19. It was the kind of place where you needed to walk in with an open mind, with no specific expectations. You just had to be receptive to the weird and often wonderful things you could find, for pennies on the dollar. Building 19 was always an adventure. And, from a marketing perspective, they had the single best tagline ever ...

Good Stuff Cheap.

Really, that's the kind of clean, clear, catchy, and utterly irresistible tagline we should all aspire too.

We were reminded of this masterpiece of copywriting when we received an efficient little self-mailer from Square, the company that allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to accept credit card payments right on their smartphones.

The cover of the two-panel, folding mailer is as brief and to the point as you can be:

Get Paid Fast

Handwritten captions offer more details, explaining that you can use Apply Pay, Chip Cards or Magstrip Cards. A subtle call-to-action appears at the bottom: "Get started free" and the URL.

The mail side of the small but hard-working piece includes a prominent offer, "Get a free magstripe reader," and a benefit, "Start taking payments right away when you sign up." Again, we have the URL.

Inside, the real estate is divided into four easy-to-digest pieces. The first has overview copy, in blue type on a white background. It's lean and scannable. It also makes the recipient feel as though he or she has been heard. Although it's mainly bulleted, the copy addresses all of the questions and possible objections a potential customer might have. "Get paid with no suprises. Everything you need, nothing you don't." The reader would be nodding in agreement right away. After all, who wants "surprises" when it comes to being paid?

The other three sections of the interior convey how convenient and easy the product is. Steps are outlined, including "Tap and go," "Dip the chip," and "Start selling fast."

A diagram with three callouts makes the product feel simple and tangible. And, the "Get started free" call-to-action appears at both the beginning and the end.

When you're marketing a product meant to simplify someone's life, you want the medium to match the message, In other words, it's important to make your marketing as simple as possible. Square succeeds here, quite simply. Less is simply more.

Who knows? Get Paid Fast may well be the next Good Stuff Cheap.

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