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No one wants to be treated like a number, right? Of course, right.

Unfortunately, as the medical industry has taken more and more advantage of technology, the person-to-person aspect of a patient and doctor relationship has diminished.

Recognizing this, and — more importantly — recognizing that it isn't what patients want, Lahey Health Primary Care developed a simple but effective self-mailer.

The outside art panel uses a (presumably) stock photo of an older couple enjoying time together. The headline reads:

Accepting new patients. Or as we like to call them, people.

A tagline follows: You're a big deal here.

Inside, we see another stock photo of a couple. (The outside couple is white; the inside, black. So, we. get a sense that Lahey either works with a diverse set of patients OR that they are poltically correct. Either is probably welcome in this traditonally "blue" geographic area.)

The package uses icons to divide the brief copy into quick digestible bites. We learn that Lahey Health has:

• Board-certified, world-class physicians
• Processes to help you coordinate your health care
• A network of hospitals, medical centers and specialists
• Support for chronic conditions

We also get a line-up of relevant numbes: 75+ primary care practices; 30+ communities; and (the payoff) 1 network for all your needs.

The call-to-action is simple. We're invited to "Take the first step." There's an 888-number and a web URL.

The mailer is straightforward and succinct, yet it achieves a nice, friendly, and human tone-of-voice.

The people at B Direct give it a thumbs-up.

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