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Here at B Direct, we love direct mail. 

In fact, the Queen B was President of the New England Direct Marketing Association and served on its executive board for more than a decade. When she speaks there or at other industry events, she often introduces herself by asserting, unashamedly, "I love direct mail." It isn't quite as sensitive as admitting to a substance abuse problem, but in this day and age, confessing to an affection for postal mail doesn't necessarily make you feel cool.

Too bad!

Because, we received a very cool direct mail package — the sort of package that builds intrigue and feels almost like a little present has arrived.

It was a simple self-mailer that was anything but simple. Bulky and sealed with an imprinted blue strip of tape, it begged to be opened.

Inside, was a bit of origami: a familiar red-coss format under a long panel of copy, with nifty die-cuts and inserted cards. Sound a little complicated? It was. But it was also very tactile and highly engaging. Each new reveal told us something else about the company, "Moo," and its offerings.

Inserted into die-cut panels were four sample cards, each illustrating one of the benefits of printing with Moo, and each containing a motivational quote that was perfect for the audience of ad agency creatives.

Finally, there was a freestanding insert that combined a letter and a special 15% Off incentive.

Having gone through all of the components, we had to stop and think ...

Did we have business for Moo? (Not right now.) 

Was there anything we could do with the cards? (Again, not right now.) 

But, we held onto them. And that, friends, is about all you can ask for as a direct mailer.

What do the Bs give this complicated little piece of direct marketing? An enthusiastic thumbs-up!

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