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Engagement: Why Mail Still Matters


Remember the song from 1980, "Video Killed the Radio Star?" Some marketers today seem to think that digital killed direct mail.

We disagree.

And — happily — so do most American consumers.

The recent USPS Mail Moments study confimed that people still enjoy receiving mail. Even millennials. In fact, despite the fact that they are digital natives, millennials engage with mail as much or more than non-millennials.

Here are some overall findings across the three demographics surveyed (baby boomers, gen x, and millennials):

87% would rather receive mail than a telemarketing call.

86% take the time to look through their mail.

81% said that receiving a handwritten note or greeting card in the mail has value.

78% value the privacy of mail.

76% value the reliability of mail.

76% value the security of mail.

73% said that if someone they don't know wants to do business with them, they would tell them to use mail.

70% enjoy receiving mail and don't see sorting mail as a chore.

63% look forward to discovering the mail they receive each day.

62% would rather scan for useful information by going through mail than email.

Meanwhile negative feelings about mail represent a distinct minority:

27% say that their household gets too much mail.

27% say that receiving mail is less important to me now than it was three years ago.

In the next few posts, we'll drill into some data for each of the study's three audiences. Until then ...

We suggest you keep mailing.

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